martes, 10 de mayo de 2011

Spend Less Money on Any Company's Marketing Budget with Motion Typography

Kinetic Typography, also referred to as Motion Typography, is the new-age video marketing style. Investing in Kinetic Typography in cool commercials is a very sensible move for most companies, especially if they intend to cut spending for advertisements. As advertisers, we try our best to relay the message of our products and earn the interest of the observer through various commercials that we broadcast online and on TV, in an effort to make a sale. Kinetic video, an animation technique in which texts transform in order to produce a wonderful video appeal that will look interesting and attractive to viewers. A usual KT video would last around thirty to ninety seconds, based on the company's desires and ideas. Some samples of such text and graphics animations are in the opening credits and the film titles (remember “Batman” or “Star Wars”). Additionally, utilizing motion typography in video or television advertisements helps further to convey the crafted emotion that the commercial aims to invoke. By applying motion, varying word and letter sizes, playing with color, speeding up or slowing down the animation, a tone and emotion is established.

Making video commercials using Kinetic Typography allows you to reduce costs when it comes to making advertisements. Without having to pay actresses or post-production specialists, text animation becomes incredibly affordable; since it can quickly be designed using Adobe AfterEffects or Cinema 4D, you're paying a smaller number of people that work for your company. At the same time, the effect that they can achieve will exceed the expectations of traditional adverts – if it's done right. Another factor that makes Kinetic animation an inexpensive way to make cool commercials is because at present, there aren't a lot of people who provide such services. This means that YOUR video will stand out of the crowd. As a whole, kinetic typography is viewed as a new and unique way in advertising a service that a company offers. It's a simple and sophisticated approach to online marketing. It enhances our subconscious minds by allowing each individual to be immersed in your brand. By introducing Kinetic Typography in the field of advertisement, there are now more options for companies to prepare and showcase their brands in order to find potential clients, and be able to serve its purpose. Visit for more examples and details about ordering a video for your company!

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