lunes, 11 de abril de 2011

Features that make Rapidshare Search Less difficult!

As you probably realize, there isn't any rapidshare search on the Rapidshare website itself. Through the a variety of reasons, but they’re really not that important. Towards the end of the day, if you wish to search through the Rapidshare database for a free download, you’re going to have to depend on various other websites that offer that function.

And although these types of websites offer a similar experience and will permit you to download movies for free, download music for free and find any PC games free download - they are doing differ slightly derived from one of another. These differences are usually in the form of features that are offered, and certain features could make searching over the huge Rapidshare database a tremendous amount easier.

Below and today, you’re going to discover what some of these features are.

Rapidshare Search by Category

If you’re not searching for something specific but wish to instead flick through listings to locate a free downloads of a certain type that interests you - then conducting a Rapidshare Search by category is the way to go.

Mind you - not every the third party search websites have this feature, and even amongst those who do there are a few differences.

By way of example, one website could provide general categories, including PC games free download, download music for free, and download movies for free. Alternatively, some other websites might be more specific and break down movies to the actual sort of movie such as action, adventure, fantasy, horror, and so on.

Similarly, it could do exactly the same for music and Computer games as well.

Be sure you take a look at ways to browse listings through Rapidshare Search by category - it might prove useful should you ever want ideas of what to download!

Rapidshare Search by Popularity

Both Rapidshare plus some Rapidshare Search websites keep track of how many times a particular file has been downloaded - which is known as its ‘popularity score’. Being able to search and sort listings by popularity happens to be a great bonus, because it will allow you to work out which downloads are of high quality, reliable, and worth getting.

If you’re hunting for a free download and you pick one up that has practically zero popularity, there may be a reason for it.

All said and done, having the capacity to choose a free download that is highly popular sets your mind confident and assure you how the file you’re getting is very legit.

Remember these two Rapidshare Search features and keep an eye out for them in whatever website you visit. Although you do not need them right this instant, in the foreseeable future they could prove extremely useful for helping you download movies for free, download music for free, and even find a PC games free download.

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